Roller shutter curtains



The Panorama is the roller shutter with tilting blinds over the maximum height of the curtain. The roller shutter profiles are made from high-quality extruded and powder-coated aluminium and offer the greatest possible functionality and comfort.

On request, it can be equipped as Panorama Plus with an insect screen made of sturdy wire mesh integrated in the roller shutter profiles.

Panorama Safe

The Panorama Safe also has the convenient tilting blinds over the maximum height of the curtain. It has anchors on the blinds for special security rails and is also used with a reinforced end strip and anti-lift devices.


As Panorama Safe Plus, it also offers the insect protection integrated in the curtain.

Panorama Combi ST and RG

The Panorama Combi ST is a roller shutter curtain with a Panorama area with tilting blinds. Its height can be chosen between 50 and 150 cm and is combined at the top and bottom with closed roller shutter profiles made of extruded aluminium (ST).


The Panorama Combi RG has a Panorama area with tilting blinds with a height between 50 and 100 cm and is connected at the top and bottom with closed roller shutter profiles made of roll-formed aluminium (RG). Slight color deviations between the curtain areas are possible here.

The Panorama Combi ST Plus and Panorama Combi RG Plus additionallay have an insect screen integrated in the Panorama area.

Alu-Mini ST and RG

The Alu-Mini ST is a roller shutter curtain made of closed roller shutter profiles, which are made of stable extruded aluminium (ST).

The Alu-Mini RG is a conventional roller shutter curtain made of closed roller shutter profiles, made of roll-formed aluminium (RG).

The Alu-Mini ST and Alu-Mini RG show the same timeless design as the roller shutter curtains Panorama. The different BiRoll roller shutter curtains can thus be selected according to the desired living comfort and used together in a construction project.


Prefabricated elements


Aluminium front-mounted elements

Due to the large variety of shapes and colors, aluminum front-mounted elements from BiRoll can be designed extremely individually. In the version with plaster base, they can also be integrated into the facade.

The front-mounted boxes are made of extruded or roll-formed aluminium and are supplied ready for installation. An insect roller screen built into the box is available as additional equipment.

Types of box sizes 125, 138, 150, 165, 180 und 205:
- round / 20 ° square with inspection opening in front or below / 45 ° square / 90 ° square / 20 ° square with plaster base / 90 ° square with plaster base


Rigid foam top-mounted elements

BiRoll rigid foam top-mounted elements offer particularly good thermal insulation properties and are fully integrated into the facade. There is a choice of external or internal inspection opening. The available box sizes are suitable for use from low-energy to passive houses.

The guide rails are made of PVC or aluminium and can be coloured by foil application or coated. An insect roller screen  in the top-mounted box is optional.

Types of box depths 265, 305 and 365 with heights 265 and 290:
- Inspection opening outside or inside


PVC top-mounted elements

There are several box sizes and two types of inspection openings to choose from for the PVC top-mounted elements. Front blinds and guide rails are available in PVC or aluminum and can be coloured by foil application or coated.

The top-mounted boxes can be equipped with plaster plates on the outside and inside. Thereby they can also beintegrated into the facade. If required, an insect roller screen can be integrated in the boxes.

types of box sizes 200 and240
- Inspection openings rear or below / with plaster base outside and inside




Motor drives and controls

The roller shutter system Panorama can be operated with wired or radio-controlled motor drives.


To operate the wired motor drives, individual switches can be used, which also have timers or can be integrated into house controls.

Radio-controlled motor drives can be conveniently operated using radio wall transmitters and single or multi-channel hand transmitters. With radio time switches and sun sensors, time-dependent or brightness-dependent automation is also possible. Radio-controlled drives can be easily integrated into smart home systems, which means they can also be operated using a smartphone or tablet. Radio transmitters can be retrofitted at any time as required and with little effort.

BiRoll offers motor drives and controls specially selected for the Panorama roller shutter system from selected brand manufacturers to ensure that the system functions optimally.

Manual drives

If you prefer manual operation, the Panorama roller shutter system can be moved in the classic way with belt or crank drives.